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Shukuru Amos' profesional headshot looking casual in brack t-shirt

Founder. Creator. Author

Hello, I’m Shukuru Amos, former dispossessed village boy who scratched value on the internet. I run Tanzlite Digital, an underdog agency fighting invisibility for SMEs. Recently introduced Tanzlite Hosting. Author of Mbele Ya Muda, which sold TZS1.4m in two weeks. Investor in mosly tech-less, nonfancy African economies. Husband and very patriarchal.

I am the Most followed Tanzanian marketer on LinkedIn. You can also find me on Twitter/X, and Instagram. Or text me on WhatsApp.

5 Ways I Can HELP You

With me, personally

Work with me for writing-based service and content strategy consulting. No flashy images, or designs.  Master the art of delivery to build a personal brand and convert followers to paying customers.

With my people at Tanzlite Digital

Work with my team at Tanzlite for content creation and social media marketing. Save on costs and legal obligations of having an inhouse team.

Build your website

Every serious business has a website. Your competitor already has one. We’ve created 20+ SEO-optimized sites that are attracting customers to our clients as we speak.

Buy my book (in Kiswahili)

Mbele ya Muda is a practical DIY Manual for self-employment – not just in Africa – but anywhere with internet access. For all those of you who are frustrated by the futile search for jobs this book gives a step by step roadmap with an alternative route for the monetising of your self-worth and income generation on-line” –David James

Host your website at Tanzlite Host

The challenge with having a website is factoring in costs for hosting, domain, and the designer. It’s cheaper having us build and host it. FREE 1-year domain and hosting. How about that?

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